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Live from Oswego

SUNY Oswego people
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for future, past, and present students at SUNY Oswego, it’s a great way to get quick info or to stay in touch during school vacations, or to stay in touch with graduated friends.

Anybody can join, but please keep the content to Oswego related posts.
You can talk about anything: class schedules, class help, teachers, club activates, campus events, student activities, campus miscellany, club promotion (but please try to keep it to one advertisement a week, otherwise it may get a little spammy and hard on people's friends pages), or anything else that might interest Oswego people.

If you want to post something really long or any super big (a.k.a. it will take a while to load and/or will screw up people's friends pages)pictures--please, please, please, please use an LJ cut ‘cus I really don’t want to be forced to delete your posts, but I will if I have to.

Also, please be respectful of fellow posters. You may not agree with everything everyone has to say, but that doesn't mean starting a flame war. Keep personal insults to a minimum please, they don't bring anything but deleted posts/comments.

Just joined and can’t figure out how to post? Check out the FAQ, they can be very helpful.

If you think something should be added to the memories or interests or if someone is abusing the community, please contact one of the moderators: (alien_sunset or riki_kiki_taco)

**Oswego Freecycle instead of throwing out that old rug or couch when you go home for the summer. Give it to someone who needs it.**

**Check out Penfield Library's great new blog! (penfieldlibrary) It's a great source of information about what's new at the library, whether it's an interesting new exhibit or a speaker at the Cafe! Please check the memories section under "info" if you're unsure how to subscribe to the LJ feed!**

Take a minute and fill out our poll! Get to know your fellow Oswegonians.