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Oswego helps disprove global warming - Live from Oswego

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February 13th, 2007

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10:25 am - Oswego helps disprove global warming

According to Steven Colbert that is...

Check out the Tip/Wag 11 ft. snow video.
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Date:February 13th, 2007 04:11 pm (UTC)
Eh, I beat him to the punch on that call (2/6/07 entry), I was a bit surprised that it would make it though,

The show opener not in the clip was something like: "In upstate New York it snowed so much two snowflakes were actually identical..."
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Date:February 13th, 2007 06:24 pm (UTC)
best episode everrr. when i saw it i felt proud of our shitty weather.
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Date:February 14th, 2007 03:30 am (UTC)

Re: wow

The winter of 2003-05 was a very long winter.

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Date:February 15th, 2007 01:31 am (UTC)

Re: wow

I think you mean the 2004-2005 winter, the one with 2 days off in a row for the first time in 40 years.

One of the professors said were were on international news as well. Czechoslovakia, I believe she said, had news on it.

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