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Attention December Grads!!! - Live from Oswego

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December 6th, 2007

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02:31 pm - Attention December Grads!!!
Attention December Graduates!!!

I need your help!!! If you arn't graduating but have photogenic friends who are please forward this to them!!! Heck if you have a cap and gown- play dress-up so I can take some pictures!

My name is Kim Buchner and I need to take some pictures of graduates in their cap and gowns for a project. So if you and a few friends are willing to aide me in being my subjects for a VERY quick photoshoot- I'll come to you!!!

For those that participate I'll send you a 4x6 photo of yourself (or you and your friends) to keep as a thank you!!!

Please Please Please help!!! Contact me via E-mail at Buchner@oswego.edu!!! I am very flexible over this weekend and next week. Please E-mail me with your name, and a phone number so I can set up a time and a place that I can take some pictures!!

Thanks so much guys! I REALLY appreciate the help!

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