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June 1st, 2010

12:45 pm - Competition for those who know the Law
The International Contest of Young Lawyers “Precedent” is an on-line activity for students and young professionals. It's a bilingual contest where you can send the work in English or Russian.
It’s main goal is to give young lawyers and students a place to share opinions and try their skills. At the same time practicing lawyers and the one who is just interested in jurisprudence may participate.
There are two spheres where the participant may choose a case to resolve - intellectual property and private international law. Here’s the list of cases.
You can vote for the works and comment! Here are the approved solutions.
The Contest is held till 21 of June 2010. You can send a work up to June 15.

Prizes for the winners are granted!
Participate and tell your friends and classmates!

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April 23rd, 2009

10:33 am

A preview performance of “Into the Woods” will take place at 8 p.m. Thursday, April 23, with all seats priced at $6. 

The curtain will rise at 8 p.m. for performances on April 24, 25 and May 2, with a 2 p.m. Sunday matinee on May 3.

Tickets are $14 for adults ($12 for seniors and students, $7 forSUNY Oswego students). A family discount of $42 for two adults and twochildren is offered. Additional children’s tickets will be sold for $10each.  Tickets can be purchased by calling the Tyler box office at312-2141 or online at tickets.oswego.edu.

more info: http://www.oswego.edu/news/index.php/site/news_story/happily_ever_after

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December 26th, 2008

04:08 pm - grades in advance...
...remember when we could check early grades on our capp reports? does that method work anymore?

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November 10th, 2008

10:03 pm
Anyone have any tips for someone from the area looking to get a 2 bedroom apartment in Oswego on the west side.
starting January 1st

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September 8th, 2008

08:36 pm
Tickets are now on sale at the Campus Center box office for a pre-season match up between the Syracuse Crunch and the Binghamton Senators. They'll be playing at SUNY Oswego on Friday, October 3rd, with proceeds from the game going to the school's ice hockey teams. They're $10; really cheap for a game of AHL hockey!

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August 11th, 2008

03:50 pm - Instrument For Sale
Gently Used Bach TB-300 Student Trombone
List Price New around $995.00

Will let this one go for $300.00 O.B.O.

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April 9th, 2008

11:08 pm - I rode a cruiser tonight while the bands were setting up!!!
riding the campus cruisers is so oo o o much fun!!!!!!!!!!!

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April 7th, 2008

10:34 pm - -Campus Center Activity Court
is the campus center activity court just the ice arena minus the ice??

of if I'm wrong what/where is it?

I'm interested because Elf Power is playing there Wed and I'd like to make it there. hahaha

thank you in advance

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December 10th, 2007

10:21 am - In a bit of a pickle...
My family is pretty large, so 5 tickets just ain't enough. If anyone is graduating and has any free tickets they can spare please let me know so if you would let me have them, arrange a pick up, ect. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Current Mood: worriedworried

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December 6th, 2007

02:31 pm - Attention December Grads!!!
Attention December Graduates!!!

I need your help!!! If you arn't graduating but have photogenic friends who are please forward this to them!!! Heck if you have a cap and gown- play dress-up so I can take some pictures!

My name is Kim Buchner and I need to take some pictures of graduates in their cap and gowns for a project. So if you and a few friends are willing to aide me in being my subjects for a VERY quick photoshoot- I'll come to you!!!

For those that participate I'll send you a 4x6 photo of yourself (or you and your friends) to keep as a thank you!!!

Please Please Please help!!! Contact me via E-mail at Buchner@oswego.edu!!! I am very flexible over this weekend and next week. Please E-mail me with your name, and a phone number so I can set up a time and a place that I can take some pictures!!

Thanks so much guys! I REALLY appreciate the help!

Current Location: Mackin
Current Mood: distresseddistressed

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November 7th, 2007

01:16 pm - Queer CUNY VIII
Hunter College, NYC
Keynote Speaker: Lisa Duggan
December 1st

The Twilight of Queerness?Collapse )

Anyone who is interested in attending the conference and/or helping produce it should email Taylor at QueerCUNY@gmail.com.

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October 28th, 2007

10:10 pm
Is there anyone on or off campus that does Irish Dance? Or would be interested in learning?
Current Location: my room
Current Mood: curiouscurious
Current Music: Slip Jigs

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September 24th, 2007

03:02 pm - Hockey fans!
Interested in seeing a professional hockey game? This Sunday, at 5 p.m, the Syracuse Crunch will be taking on the Rochester Americans in a pre-season game. The game will be played in the new Campus Center arena. Tickets are $10, nearly half the price of a regular season admission ticket to a Crunch game, and all proceeds will be going to the hockey teams on campus. The Syracuse Crunch is the main farm team of the NHL Columbus Blue Jackets, while the Rochester Americans are the development camp for both Florida and the Buffalo Sabres. The games between the two teams are always intense, as they face off against each other several times during the normal season and have developed a huge rivalry. Come out for a good time! Tickets can be purchased at the Laker Hall box office.

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September 11th, 2007

08:49 pm
Hypothetical ...

Where in Oswego should I or shouldn't I take a car to be fixed? (or in my case, where should I have my car TOWED?)

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September 1st, 2007

02:43 pm - Oswego - we want to play at your school!

Help out a fellow SUNY band! We're from Purchase.

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August 22nd, 2007

07:25 am - Summer session grades?
Does anybody out there have any clue when grades are going to be posted for the 3rd and 4th session?

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May 25th, 2007

06:34 pm - Grades are up
I have obsessively been checking to see if grades have been posted yet and they finally have been.  Log in to myoswego to get them.  Thought people would want to know.
Current Mood: chipperchipper

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May 7th, 2007

05:14 pm - Graduation Tickets
I am selling 3 of my graduation tickets so if anyone wants/needs extras, please email me at:


These tickets are for the 9:00 am graduation on May 19th

I dont have a set price-just make me an offer.

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April 25th, 2007

08:18 am
I don't know if anyone's interested but there's a Movie Marathon (just put it on Facebook) this Saturday starting at 12:05 pm and ends at...whenever.  Free food and drinks (although donations very much welcomed) and this is the following line-up:
:       The Unknown (1927) directed by Tod Browning
 1:10PM:        Night Moves (1975) directed by Arthur Penn
 2:55PM:        Spirit of the Beehive (1973) directed by Victor Erice
 4:45PM:        Zatoichi: Blind Swordsman (2003) directed by Takeshi Kitano
 6:45PM:        Buster Keaton Short Film
 7:10PM:        Flirting With Disaster (1996) directed by David O. Russell
 9:00PM:        Children of Men (2006) directed by Alfonso Cuaron
10:45PM:       Tsotsi (2005) directed by Gavin Hood
12:30AM:       Clean, Shaven (1994) directed by Lodge Kerrigan
Line-up subject to change. We may add another film.

Please note that some highschoolers will be present because Michael Sloyka (a current Graduate Student at SUNY Oswego) is in cohoots with Kurt, a local highschool teacher but all are mature, not your typical highschoolers and are respectful.  Therefore anyone who chooses to attend is [politely] asked to respect all others present, no alcohol permitted (due to presence of underage attendees) and to have fun!

Current Mood: happyhappy

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April 13th, 2007

10:54 am - Job Opportunities!!!!!!!!!! GOOD ONES
Hey Guys! Tell all of your friends!

The Student Association and The Student Association Programming Board are now hiring for the next upcomming year!

The Student Association is Currently looking for-
Director of Acedemic Affairs
Director of Finance- if you want this position you better turn in this applicaiton ASAP!!!!
Director of Communication
Director of Student Affairs
Director of Human Resources
Director of Athletic Affairs
Director of Public Relations
Director of Off Campus Affairs
Director of Civic Engagement
Director of Health, Safety, and Disabilities
Executive Assistant to the Vice President

All applications are due by April 23rd to the SA office in 202 Hewitt Union by 4pm. You can pick up the applications here http://www.oswegosa.org/ look on the left where it says "The new Student Association employment application is available"
Also, an attached Resume is reccomended.

I would advise you to turn in applications ASAP so you can be interviewed and presented to the senate in order to get the position you would like.

The money isn't great average is about 500 bucks for the year, but the experiance is well worth it.

PLEASE BE AWARE- It is reccommended you attend senate meetings at least once a month with these positions, DO NOT APPLY if you do not see yourself putting 110% into your job. The Student Association is looking for DEDICATED individuals who are interested in WORKING for their student government, not the other way around.

Please contact Student Association President Josh Miller at jmiller6@oswego.edu for more information on positions. Tell him Kim sent you ;-D

Student Association Programming Board Positions

Director of SAPB
Assistant Director of SAPB
Coordinator of Lectures
Cooridinator of Cinevisions (the movie theatre)
Coordinator of Concerts
Coordinatior of Promotions

Intrested in joing the board but missed the informationl.
Come out to the interviews for SAPB on April 15
We are holding intreview for those intrested in joing our e-board, and for those who handed their resumes in.
The intreviews begin at 1pm sharp at the SAPB office which is located in the Hewitt Union Rm 205

****Resumes must be turned in by this friday, before 4pm, no Later

Come dressed in formal attire
Dress like you were going on a job interview
No street clothing, this is a business

Thank You
SAPB E-Board

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April 9th, 2007

09:54 pm
anybody know of anywhere in town that's hiring?  i need a job super badly.

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February 13th, 2007

10:25 am - Oswego helps disprove global warming

According to Steven Colbert that is...

Check out the Tip/Wag 11 ft. snow video.
Current Mood: amusedamused

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February 5th, 2007

10:20 am - ^___^
No classes today ... yay.

Now I can go catch up on homework ...

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January 29th, 2007

06:55 pm - Festival Choir
Anyone know what happened to Festival Choir? It was the Monday night chorus group, and Julie Pretzat was directing it last I knew. I can't find her teaching any classes at all, and I can't find any night choir by any other name.

Thanks if you can help!

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01:29 pm - New Waiting Hours (parody)!
Original Artical found at http://www.oswego.edu/news/news_story.html?id=2348_0_2_0_C

Hungry Hours will debute every Monday and Friday at 12:40pm this semester with a schedual that includes: long lunch-line waits, crowded dining halls, more students getting up at the crack of dawn, and more students going home later in the evening.

Dr. Lala Phinkal, interim dean of arts and sciences, said a major goal is to enhance the college's sense of community (you can talk to the others in the line) at a time of maximum inconvenience. "A lot of these long lines are traditionally things we really want our students to attend, but they may be unable because of scheduling conflicts," said Woowiie, a member of the College Hour Committee. "And having the events in the middle of the day helps commuter students, who can now laugh and point at all the residents waiting to eat."

The series began Jan 26 with "101 things to think about when hungry" at the many college dining halls, which will feature no entertainment, open salivating, standing, and if you are patient, food.


Now I know this will benefit people, and it is yet to see how many people. However all changes have their reprecussions; and this presents one of them. Maybe I am jumping the gun and should wait till after Wednesday to pick on it as I have. But its hard to wait for the pros when the cons are staring you right in the face.

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January 20th, 2007

03:28 pm - Sledding?
Does anyone know any good sledding hills in Oswego? My housemate and I are looking for a place to go play in the snow.
Current Mood: hungryhungry

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08:24 am
Anyone taking Ecological Physiology Zoo 380 this semester? I have the text, I got it for $98.50 at Kraftees and I'm willing to sell it for $40!

And is anyone planning on taking Embryology or Microbiology next Fall? I have the text for Microbiology for $20 (got it for $84.50) and the lab book for Embryo for $5.

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January 18th, 2007

12:06 pm - BookMooch
Anyone using BookMooch to swap their old textbooks? It's a pretty neat site; I use it a lot and actually found homes for some older course books that I was sure no one would ever want. Just thought I'd throw it out there as another alternative. =)

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January 9th, 2007

08:33 pm - Textbooks for Sale on Half.com
Hello everyone. I'm a recent grad of SUNY Oswego and am trying to sell some of my old textbooks. I hope someone here can find something they need for the upcoming semester.

Here are the links to them if you're interestedCollapse )

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December 30th, 2006

06:54 pm - I wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin.
I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike.

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